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Governing Bodies

The digital home for your sport – better connecting you, your providers, and their participants

A complete technology solution for your sport

A place for people to discover

Our 360 solution starts from free and provides you with a place on your website for people to discover your sport

An all-in-one platform for delivery

Our online and in-app platform provides you and your clubs with all the tools you need to deliver your sport. 

Access to free opportunities to grow

All activity opportunities in Playwaze are published to our search engine and 360 network, taking your sport further and wider than ever before.

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Make it easier for people to discover your sport

Our 360 solution provides you with a digital home for your sport. Your clubs, coaches, activities and competitions are all published in one place, that is SEO optimised and embeddable on your website.

One platform for all of your delivery

Our online and in-app toolkit offers a place to manage all the delivery of your sport. We have the technology for you – no matter which sport.

Grow participation

Not only do we provide the tools to organise your sport, we also help to promote it. Our extensive and growing network of partners means we take the opportunities published on our platform as far and wide as we can, reaching people you may have previously never been able to access.

Put data at the heart of decision making

Our Analytics solution has been built with growth in mind. We give you with the tools to analyse what people are searching for – as well as when, where and how often they’re participating.

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