Introducing Playwaze Discover

Making it easier for people to find local opportunities to get active

The digital home for local sport and activity

Customise it.

A white-labelled discover portal puts you in control of the branding, filters, and format – and it’s easy to embed on your website.

Power it.

You choose what you want your portal to show and we tailor the data for you. We’ll even help you to engage providers and grow the data that’s available.

Analyse it.

Get a better understanding of your work and increase it’s impact with our analytics dashboard – an essential tool for increasing activity levels.

Playwaze is a search engine for sport and activity

People search for ways to get active on Playwaze and we show them everything that’s available in their area – activities, communities, clubs, coaches, venues and more.

We process data to get sport and activity online

Organisers use Playwaze to make their activity more accessible and reach new people. We process their data and make it available to people who want to get active.

Create a custom activity portal for your organisation

Your portal is the home of sport and activity for your organisation. Customise the branding and visual identity as well as what activity data is shown on your Discover portal.

We'll help to engage your network

Our team will help you to create and distribute content to help engage your providers and participants in your network.

The best part? You can create your Discover portal for free

You can get started and create a Discover portal for your website without paying anything. 

Chat to us

If you want to know more about using Playwaze, you can schedule a call with our commercial team by clicking below and filling out the contact form.