Attract new people with Playwaze

Connect with new participants and get more bookings through our search engine for sport and activity – It’s free marketing for organisers

Promote sessions, competitions, clubs and more

Fill empty spaces

Last minute cancellation? Running a class where you’ve still got capacity? Playwaze can connect you with new customers

Free Marketing

It’s free to publish your opportunities on Playwaze and our partner network + our system is OpenActive enabled

SEO Optimised

Each opportunity you publish to Playwaze will be given its own URL and optimised for discovery on search engines like Google

A search engine for sport and activity

Playwaze makes it easy to attract new participants and take more bookings. People search on Playwaze for sports and activities and we show them everything that’s available near them.

Take bookings directly through Playwaze

Playwaze allows people to discover and book activities in one place – without needing to navigate multiple websites or make phone calls and email enquiries.

It’s totally free to list your activities

Not only is it always free to publish your activity opportunities with Playwaze – we also provide a free version of our booking system which allows you to take bookings, track attendance and receive payments.

Our partner network takes your opportunities even further

We work with organisations, charities and individuals across the sport and activity sector who share in our mission to get more people more active. 

Each of our partners has their own search page that is #PoweredByPlaywaze – promoting your opportunities to even more people who want to get involved.

Get found on Google​

We’ve built SEO (search engine optimisation) into our platform. When you list an activity, it has its own URL that is indexed by all search engines. So as well as appearing on Playwaze, your activities can be found easily on Google.

Chat to us

If you want to know more about using Playwaze, you can schedule a call with our commercial team by clicking below and filling out the contact form.