Gain insight and measure impact

Our Analytics dashboard gives you insight into activity and participation in your sport

Increase the impact and understanding of your work


Identify key areas to research and create an analytics dashboard customised to your organisation or sport


See breakdowns of your chosen metrics as easy-to-understand graphs and charts


Use your insights to build your strategies and inform different stakeholders in your organisation

An essential tool for organisers

Analytics has become an essential tool for sport and activity organisers. Gain insights into participant behaviour, preferences and other key metrics that help your organisation to make more informed decisions.

Customise your analytics with a bespoke dashboard

Our team will work with you to create a custom analytics dashboard showing you the most important metrics for your sport or activity. Get breakdowns of your data as timelines, bar graphs, pie charts and heat maps.

Craft your strategy around insights

Your dashboard is built with different modules, so you can download individual elements of your analytics and use them in other documents to help inform other stakeholders within your organisation.

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