Powering your sport and activity​

Powering your sport & activity

Playwaze is an online and in-app platform built for sport and activity providers of all sizes to organise, promote, and analyse their delivery – all in one place.

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The online home for sport and activity

Playwaze brings everything you need into one platform so that you can grow without compromising on flexibility and usability. We provide you with an online and in-app platform to organise, promote, and analyse the sport and activity you deliver.

A booking system designed for you

Our booking software means you can focus on what you do best – delivering first class activity. From our Marketplace to your website, from mobile to web, we have easy booking options for everyone on every device.

Competition management made easier

A flexible and scalable competition management toolkit for local sports leagues to national programmes. Playwaze helps you deliver any competition type, for any sport, from anywhere.

A memberships solution right for you

A free-to-use and flexible memberships solution, seamlessly integrated with the rest of our platform. Take payments online, setup auto-renew, enabled discounted pricing for membership holders, and much more.

Process payments the easy way

Accept payments anytime, from anywhere. Track online and offline payments in one place coupled with powerful reporting.

Attract new participants with Playwaze Marketplace

Increase your revenue by finding new participants and growing your membership – all for free. Playwaze also helps you fill empty spaces and keep existing participants engaged.

A solution for every organiser


A complete digital solution for your club – collect player memberships, request training and match day availability, store member details, and much more

Instructors & Coaches

Find out how Playwaze can help you grow your business with a digital platform for publishing availability, taking bookings, and filling empty spaces

Holiday Activities

An online and in-app solution for managing your holiday activity & camp delivery with booking management, reporting, and attendance tracking

Higher Education

Organise and promote sport and activity across your institution, from taking bookings for activities, to running your IMS programme

Governing Bodies

A complete technology solution for your sport – run competitions and events, sell memberships, promote clubs and coaches, and analyse participation data

Local Authorities

Make it easier for people in your region to discover opportunities to get active that are right for them, no matter who they are or where they come from

Build and engage your community

Free Marketing

It’s completely free to promote your community and activities on our Marketplace - used by thousands of people every day to discover local opportunities to get active. Playwaze helps you attract new people.

Grow participation & revenue

Connect with new participants, grow your membership, and increase your revenue with Playwaze. We promote your activities across our network, enable participants to share their experiences, and make sure you’re found on search engine results.

Automate notifications & reminders

Keep your community engaged and the activities you run at the front of your participants minds with automated booking reminders, activity updates, and reserve list notifications.