A free-to-use memberships solution that’s right for you

Our free and flexible solution allows you to automate and grow your memberships with simple online payments

Automate and grow your membership

Seamless integration

Everything is in one place with Playwaze - take online payments and create tiered prices for your activities


Automatically renew memberships without collecting multiple forms each year

Online payments

Take payments securely on our platform with Stripe

Build your own data collection

Collect the data you need using our form builder, configured to suit the needs of everyone – from sports clubs, coaches, and instructors to national governing bodies and large organisations.

A membership structure that's right for you

Create memberships for specific groups, and use tiered pricing to offer unique offers and discounts to different people.

And the best part - no upfront fees

Our memberships solution is free-to-use with just a 3% transaction fee on paid memberships (excl. Stripe fees)

Self-service memberships

Everyone can manage their own profile and keep their information up to date online and in the Playwaze app, so there’s no need to manually change members’ details.

Chat to us

If you want to know more about using Playwaze, you can schedule a call with our commercial team by clicking below and filling out the contact form.