Competition Management

A competition management toolkit for all types of organisers

A flexible and scalable competition management toolkit for local sports leagues to national programmes

A complete competitions toolkit

Individual, double, and team entries

Our toolkit includes functions for all types of competition formats - set deadlines for entries and payments, publish your competition, and play!

Record results and stats for any sport

Our scorecards, result entry, and stats are configurable for any sport, and can be customised to suit your needs, offering you complete control

Automatic fixture generation

Our auto-fixture generation tool allows you to schedule all of your fixtures in minutes - handling multiple divisions and availability constraints


Round robins, box leagues, and optional knockout stages for singles, doubles, and teams


Singles, doubles, and team tournaments with direct entries and automated round progression


Singles and doubles ladders with auto-demote and inactivity rules

A solution that starts free for any organiser

Sports Clubs
Local Competitions
Higher Education
Governing Bodies

Revolutionalising delivery of competitions

Our suite of features lets you deliver your sports competitions in the exact way you want to.

Make those long and laborious tasks like generating fixtures, assigning fixture information, and selecting team sheets easier than ever before using our management software.

Any sport, any competition, from anywhere

We’ve developed our competition management tools over the last 10 years to suit any sport and any organiser.

Provide every stakeholder with the right access

Seamlessly onboard every stakeholder and ensure they have the right access. Our flexible permissions structure means you choose what different users can see and do.

Competitions for any sport, of any size

We’ve built our platform to cater for any sport. So whether it’s runs and wickets or touchdowns and field goals – we’ve got you covered.

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