Boost engagement with Challenges

Challenges encourage your community to stay physically active by using the principles of gamification and rewarding people for what they do.

Features to keep your community active


Give out points that can be redeemed for rewards and prizes

Virtual races

Watch your participants compete to reach pre-set activity milestones

Individual and team

Let your participants compete as individuals or in groups

Connect fitness apps

Playwaze is integrated with all popular fitness apps and trackers

Participation analytics

Get analytics data and insights on challenge participants and their collective activity

Push notifications

Keep people up to date with progress and standings using notifications and updates

Run a range of challenge types

Create a range of challenge types and allow participants to compete individually or as a team. Use different metrics to measure activity:

  • Steps
  • Activity time
  • Distance – running, walking, swimming, cycling
  • Flights of stairs climbed
  • Calories burnt
  • Evidence – participants submit results with photo or video evidence
  • Tracker – participants connect fitness apps or trackers

We've integrated with popular fitness apps & wearables

Allow your participants to earn rewards for their activity

Gamify fitness and activity by creating your own points system. Let your participants redeem these points for real-life rewards that you can choose.

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